Independence or bust by Quentin Bates

A couple of years ago I was in Glasgow, a city I used to enjoy a visit to every year for a trade fair. One year a new colleague...

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Cold War Blues by Barbara Nadel

So we have people chopping other people’s heads off in Iraq, plus of course ethnic cleansing, an almost war in the Ukraine and the biggest child abuse tragedy in...

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Iceland’s tourist trail by Quentin Bates

Tourism is booming in Iceland. There has been a steady flow of curious foreigners making their way to Iceland for a long time, since long before Louis McNiece and...

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Poisoned Ground by Barbara Nadel

To get straight to the point, I’ve got a new Hakim and Arnold novel out (4th September) called ‘Poisoned Ground’. Of course I want you to buy/read it but...

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Up in Smoke by Quentin Bates

I’ve been an ash cloud victim. I can understand people’s concern. A few years ago a volcano in Iceland started spewing ash high into the atmosphere and promptly brought...

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