How many murders are committed in Oxford? I haven’t got access to official crime figures, but in the world of Colin Dexter’s Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, they probably run...

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The Masque of the Fall of the House of Ligea by Barbara Nadel

A few years ago I wrote a short series of books featuring London undertaker Francis Hancock. Set in World War 2, Hancock was a crime solving chap who had...

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Enough Rope by Barbara Nadel

London has long been moving in the direction of becoming a ghetto for the rich. I don’t know what the current ‘average’ house price is in the capital, but...

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The Hot Countries (2015) Soho Crime by Timothy Hallinan

Reviewed by Christopher G. Moore Ever since Paul Theroux’s classic Saint Jack, with its Singapore, appeared in 1972, and Jack Flower uttered the famous line that “it is kinda...

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Bangkok Beat by Kevin Cummings

Bangkok Beat ebook and POD editions available at Amazon. Reviewed by Christopher G. Moore The Bangkok artistic scene is a puzzle locked in a box, inside a room, no...

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Bad language by Quentin Bates

Prim schoolteachers used to scold some of us foul-mouthed youngsters long ago, wagging a finger and threatening the slipper (this really was a long time ago) for using what...

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