What Should We do? by Christopher G. Moore

In every age the same question is asked when a band, tribe, or nation is confronted by a challenge, dilemma or catastrophe. If we examine the historical record, the...

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A Book of Beauty by Susan Moody

Someone asked me recently if I could pinpoint any one particular book which had significantly  influenced me and my life. It’s one of those questions which makes you unable...

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Stepping sideways by Quentin Bates

It seems there’s something of a hiatus in my career as a writer of crime novels. The next novel is pretty much written, another episode in the troubled life...

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The Shadow of Freedom by Christopher G. Moore

Last light as night falls in Rangoon. Shwedagon Pagoda framed against the twilight. It is like watching a great diva knowing in less than a generation she will be...

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Pesky Flies by Susan Moody

I can’t pretend that I spend a great deal of time contemplating the ten plagues of Egypt.  I may have hummed along to When Israel was in Egypt lan’...

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Trying something new by Quentin Bates

Like most of us who write for this blog, and I’d imagine, like most of those who read it, I don’t have far to reach for a book to...

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