Review of ‘Turkey Street’ by Jack Scott

I don’t usually do book reviews. I’ll be honest, I don’t like having to say I don’t like something and always tend to believe that I am at fault...

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Always at the Crossroads by Barbara Nadel

Istanbul and indeed, sometimes, the whole of Turkey has frequently been described as a bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia. Physically that’s true and, to some extent,...

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Henning Mankell by Quentin Bates

Crime fiction has lost one of its giants with the death of Henning Mankell. One of the modern generation of Swedish crime writers, Henning Mankell made no apologies for...

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Scandalous? by Barbara Nadel

My husband went to Cambridge University. In spite of taking my degree, what a Cambridge friend once called ‘St Elsewhere’, I lived there with my husband and our young...

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How many murders are committed in Oxford? I haven’t got access to official crime figures, but in the world of Colin Dexter’s Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, they probably run...

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