Poisoned Ground by Barbara Nadel

I have a new paperback out called ‘Poisoned Ground’ and this is, in part, a shameless plug for that book. Set largely in a crumbling mental health unit, ‘Poisoned...

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Vér mótmælum allir by Quentin Bates

I’ve mentioned before that Icelanders don’t protest. They’re much the same as us Brits, just grumbling as they take the crap that’s dropped on them from a great height...

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I shouldn’t be doing this! by Barbara Nadel

I should be writing my latest Ikmen book instead of doing this. But I am compelled. Apparently there is a new incarnation of Feminism called ‘Hot Feminism. There’s also...

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Football goes interesting by Quentin Bates

I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but football (the game any Leftpondians reading this would call soccer) has suddenly become slightly interesting. Now, I’ve never had an...

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