Ex-News Junkie by Barbara Nadel

It was the Harrogate Crime Fiction festival at the weekend and, just like Crimefest in May, I didn’t go. Up to my ears in stuff to do, I just...

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Icelanders by Quentin Bates

Someone asked me not long ago to describe Icelanders and their character, and although I thought I knew the place and the people well enough, I immediately started wondering...

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Trading one life for another… by Jarad Henry

For every cop who dies in the line of duty, five take their own lives. One… then five. That’s six. In anyone’s language, Six is a significant number, but...

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Nice by Quentin Bates

I have to accept that I’m not in my first flush of youth. Some of us who have left our teens far behind like to think that we’re happy...

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