Up in Smoke by Quentin Bates

I’ve been an ash cloud victim. I can understand people’s concern. A few years ago a volcano in Iceland started spewing ash high into the atmosphere and promptly brought...

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Beware of the briefcases by Quentin Bates

The world is an uncomfortable place at the moment. Ukraine is a powder keg, the plight of the Yazidi people and all the other innocents caught up in the...

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An Open letter to the Aliens by Barbara Nadel

 Dear High Commander of the Greys, Monarch of the Little Green Men, the Great Hydrangea in the Sky or whatever you’re called, Earth here. You know that green and...

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Iceland Noir; round two by Quentin Bates

Part of any upwardly mobile crimewriter’s life these days is attending events. The chance of talking to half a dozen people who might one day buy a book or...

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